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Link Sisters,


The new year is upon us.  New Year’s resolutions are not my thing. However, this year I’m working on health, reconnecting with family, and service.  Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our programs and R.E.S.E.T in 2022.  More friendship, service and reconnection await in 2023.  I pray you and your family continue to share love and togetherness this year.

In love and friendship, 

the links incorporated

Happy New Year!

Service Hours 

Ethics & Standards Requirement 

Party Clock

Please update your service hours. A minimum of 48 service hours are required before dues are submitted. 

TrackIt  Forward

Click Here to Track It Forward

Judge's Gavel on Books

If you completed the C of E training, complete the Code of Ethics Member Acknowledgement From by logging onto the members only section of the National website and select 'Code of Ethics' and complete the acknowledgement form. The Ethics training is a requirements of membership and must be complete by January 30, 2023. 

Central Area Conference July 5th 

Heart of Linkdom.jpg

The Central Area conference is July 5 -9, 2023 at the Chicago Hyatt Regency Hotel  in Chicago, Illinois. If you are planning to attend the conference please let us know in the January Chapter meeting.  If we get a sizable number of members we will research sharing transportation. Our Area Director requests members to wear shades of green to the White Rose Banquet. 

Happy Holidays

Holiday Video

Over the holiday I hope you were able to view the "Joy of the Holiday" video created by the Central Area.  A chapter photo of Greater Kansas City (MO) Chapter members was beautifully displayed.


Chapter Budget Cycle

It is budget time! Our chapter budget process starts now.

The proposed restricted (Community) and unrestricted (Chapter Operations) budgets for 2023-2024 will be presented at our chapter meeting on January 21, 2023.  The Finance Committee will meet to prepare these proposed budgets.


Please submit your committee’s proposed budget request to Link Cristina for the 2023-2024 Program Year.  Reference the Financial Handbook or the GKC Committee Budget document for additional guidance. 


New Alumna Member Request Form 

As of today, November 21, 2022, members requesting alumna and platinum status must do so using the new automated system. The fillable PDF forms previously used will no longer be available via our website. All alumna requests and platinum recommendations must be submitted on or before February 1, 2023.

Please submit your request by January 15th so it can be read in the January meeting. 


For instructions on how to navigate the new system, please see the hyperlinks below:


  1. Alumna Request Guidance


The user guides for the new automated online system processing alumna and platinum requests are also located in the Members Only section of our national website. They can be found inside the Membership>Membership Online Tools folder. Please be reminded that chapter presidents must sign off on both online processes. It is imperative that your email and mailing addresses are accurately reflected in your membership profile, located in the Members Only section of our national website.

Happy New Year HHS

HHS would like to wish everyone a Healthy New Year! We invite you to kick off your New Year right with the 30-day Healthy Eating Challenge below.


Image by Artur Łuczka


Link Phadra Williams- Kee 17th 

Link Dana Patterson Nelson 18th


Link Phyllis Chase 1st

Link Shirley Thaw 10th

Link Sue Bradfield 13th 


white roses 2.jpg
Holding Hands

Congratulations & Prayer

  • Link Dana has asked us to keep her daughter, Heir O Link, Gabby in your prayers.   Heir O Link Gabby has been ill off and on and recently diagnosed with pneumonia.   Link Dana has asked for your prayers that Gabby makes a full recovery and returns to school the next semester.

  • Link Valinda lost her last great aunt, Mrs. Ermon P. Tuggle of Oklahoma City, OK.  Her service was on 12/16.    As has been previously shared Link Valinda had numerous family members transition in 2022.  She has lost three cousins, her mother’s last living sibling, her last uncle and two great aunts.   


Community Corner

Gender Equity Task Force is looking for writers to gather and compile a booklet of stories secured through interviews with survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence. The survivors need to be found by the writer. Each story will typically be 2 to 3 pages long. Confidentiality must be guaranteed. Ten to 20 stories is expected. The goal is to have a booklet of stories of survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault for the purpose educating citizens.

Pay: $40 per hour ( average 5 hours per story).


Send resume/writing sample to Gender Equity Task Force at


Alice Kitchen, Chair, Gender Equity Task Force

KC Human Rights Commission

RPD 2022 Sponsorship Letter and Response Form_09132022_Page_1.jpg
RPD 2022 Sponsorship Letter and Response Form_09132022_Page_2.jpg
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